Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Steak and Brownies

As promised I will deliver two more simple, sweet, easy Valentine's day set-ups for you to take inspiration from this Valentine's Day! Today's comes from Joel's mind.... well sorta you see he wanted black napkins .... but we only had tons of white ones... and he said he would have real roses but well the budget just couldn't take that right now (btw my dozen flowers cost a grand total of $3.80 to make) so it's him but with a lotta me thrown in there...

be kind...

I apologise for the lack of photos but I was contending with waning natural light and two hungry boys wanting to get their hands on some delicious brownies....

For the food I made, yes from scratch ricotta (thanks to a cheesemaking course I went to with Joel's mum) with fig and honey, one slab of steak (from Joel's parent's farm) and brownies (Betty Crocker mix - I was feeling lazy) topped with peanut butter and marshmallow melted.

For more photos please feel free to head over to my Facebook page here, where I am also running a little fan drive with the poster I made for the other shoot as a prize

my final Valentine's day idea will be posted in the next few days so keep an eye out ;)

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