Friday, February 10, 2012

Flying high on your love.....

Yep here it is. Bet you thought I would never get round to it. But. I. Did.

My own personal ideal way to spend Valentine's Day.... breakfast in bed - however if we are going to be honest it would not be pancakes but chocolate filled croissants on my breakfast tray with mint hot chocolate ...and marshmallows

But what I am about to share is VERY achievable if you are short on time/money/supplies

I have posted more photos on my facebook page here if you would like to take a look :)

Joel showed me how to make the paper planes - there are 20 of them and they don't take very long to make, the little paper flower is simply garden wire with a bit of yellow tissue paper wrapped around the end and a few cupcake wrappers pushed onto the wire (I used more wire to secure but hot glue would have been better). As always I used the Donna Hay pancake recipe (except no buttermilk and an added dash of vanilla essence). 

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