Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday. Cherry Blossom Markets

Through my 'Anything Can Happen Friday' posts I have come into contact a great deal with both The Olive Tree Markets and The Cherry Blossom Markets in looking for makers to feature. Both Justine and Lynne ( OT and CB respectively) have been super helpful and supportive in helping me spread the Stepford word and a chance Facebook comment has resulted in something a little bit exciting for me!

But first....

Yep that's me and my lovely sister Zoe together we will be heading to the Cherry Blossom Markets on the 11th August (Broadmeadow Harness Racing Club) to snap some pictures of all the incredible makers and visitors to the markets for FREE [ though we will accept donations :) ] yep we might be a little crazy but eventually I will get together some little bits and bobs for you to buy as well!!!! I know crazy exciting right? 

I am not sure how regular a feature we will be as a lot of weddings tend to happen on Saturdays for some reason.... which might be a problem in my shadowing of Jess of The Wedding Designer (Olive Tree we would love to come along and do the same there too if you would have us!!!)

So if you live local book it in they have lots of lovely makers there including Little Skip and Little Owl Trinkets 

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