Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thursday. Bits and Pieces

After my super long trip on public transport I am back!! Not quite back to the organisational state that I would like but back nonetheless!!!!

This Saturday we are throwing Joel a superhero birthday party, his birthday isn't for another couple of weeks but we will be celebrating it with his family so this one is strictly friends. He is going as Captain America, I am going as..... well I'm not really sure. My first choice was Black Widow but then I really want to wear a cape so I thought maybe Emma Frost, The Scarlet Witch or Enchantress. It all really depends on whether I want to wear black, white/silver, red or green, or which colour I find first because I have not even started my costume yet....

But anyho I am currently trying to organise some super cool printable bunting via Etsy, making a wicked (near-impossible to bust) Captain America shield pinata and gaining the courage to brave the chilly weather to head to the shops for supplies.

wish me luck!!
and let me know which character you think is hands down the coolest in the comments below :)

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