Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday. Plumtart

I am very excited to share Jessica Paget's work with you today she is a maker after my own heart with style to boot. She is the woman behind Plumtart a brand you will most definitely be aware of around the traps of Newcastle. I first remember noticing her at the Olive Tree Markets and since through my prolific use of Facebook and my trawl of Etsy for local makers. Again and again she kept popping up with her simple pared down style - everything I love in a brand.

But I will let her tell her own story :)

How did you begin your making?
After studying with my mum (Donna Burrell) in Sydney I found that my passion for design and fabric could be combined in creating my own designs. I had been studying my Certificate IV in Design, Surface Design and Colour Consulting, while she was joining the surface design with me she had previously done her Certificate IV in Design, Colour Consulting and Interior Design.

What inspires you?
I really love Florence Broadhurst in how she created designs and screen printed them onto fabrics. Although I don't want to have a controversial and outrageous life like her, I am more so inspired by her design concepts and her appeal for Japanese design. We also have travelled to Japan, me once but Mum maybe 6 times and have also fallen in love with their designs, simplicity and creative function for living.

And the story continues.....
With all this we started to develop some of our own designs and screen printing them onto beautiful textured linen. Recently I have started to design some prints to be digitally printed onto a new fabric range. 

Where can we find you?
We  are also working together with our own design school here in Newcastle, the Hunter Design School. Plus Donna also has her own design studio Liquid Colour where she works as an interior designer and colour consultant.

You can also find Jessica's designs through here Facebook page and her Etsy store and of course the Olive Tree Markets, the next of which you can find details below

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!! :)

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