Monday, July 16, 2012

On the Table.

I mentioned yesterday that this week would be spent doing some pretty cool things and as a result I would be working early mornings and late nights so this is what I had for dinner last night....

I hear the nutritional content in these is not very good, in fact it is probably loaded with salt and fat however it is quick and tasty and our fridge is totally bare. 

To make up for my bad dietary habits should I let you in on what I have been doing? Well as I mentioned I am shadowing Jess of The Wedding Designer and this month she is the official stylist of the eleventh edition of the Hunter Valley Wedding Planner. Yesterday we accepted deliveries, moved bits and pieces around the space, put masking tape on the bottom of shoes (it's not ALL fun and games people) and picked out wedding dresses and accessories for the shoot. Sounds pretty rad right?      


  1. you could always dress them up with some veggies and peanut sauce! that's what I do :P I love noodles!


    1. lol yeah I could have... maybe next time :)