Friday, January 6, 2012

welcome to our humble abode

we had pancakes for breakfast this morning

Joel's mum gave him a pancake/crepe pan with heart shape moulds, cute and tasty

As he walked out the door to go and work on his car he asked me what I was up to today... he joked that I would probably just spend the whole day on the computer. So in effort to quash that theory I have spent the day cleaning our little home. It is not yet picture ready though. Joel still has a pile of boxes in a corner that will eventually go on/in his desk and we desperately need another bookshelf. So just in case you were wondering this is my pathetic attempt at drawing a floorplan (I took a Computer Aided Drafting course in high school, computers make everything easy-peasy)

yeah so it's pretty small right? but the kitchen is amazing and it is perfect for just the two of us (a bit more storage wouldn't go astray - and we would stay for years if it had a balcony). You might notice that there actually isn't a door of any kind separating the bedroom, this isn't really a problem with just us but I am looking into a few different ways I might be able to string some sheer curtains across the divide (we still have plenty left from the wedding).

We both also need bedsides, in the other houses we just used two antique huon pine chairs that were too fragile to sit on but now we will need furniture that does heaps - like store things AND hold lamps etc. The problem is my side of the bed has a measly gap of 14inches and nothing (from Ikea at least) will fit there. The rear lounge wall has been meticulously plotted out to fit a desk (custom-built by Joel) along with our existing white Expedit bookcase and another smaller Expedit bookcase  like this one!

we might even do something like this to cover all the ugly games/cords etc

source: Ikea Hackers
Add two bar stools at the island bench - we can't decide on any yet but don't have the funds anyway so will stick to using my Bekvam step stool (ok I LOVE ikea I can't help it I'm a uni student) and maybe a hat/scarf/umbrella rack and we will be done, well there is the small matter of the bathroom but that's another story....