Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's Arrows

Starting the morning off with a bang I can cross that first thing off my list! Now without further ado this is my first 'inspired shoot' (using that term very lightly I really have no idea what I am doing) you saw the mood board and now this is it... albeit missing a few things like my figs. That's just what happens when you have no money but no worries that means that everything below is potentially something you could do with a little bit of time and some creativity!

You like? please say 'yes', please say 'wow! that's great'

oh and just in case you were wondering it cost me $0 to make, warranted I do have an entire cabinet full of crafting goods but still pretty cheaply done.

The brown paper is all pattern making paper but I hear Woolworths has brown paper rolls for about $3, the 'All You Need Is Love' poster I made using black A4 card from Typo (unfortunately no longer available), my Cricut and a roll of white wrapping paper I had laying around. The hanging arrows were cut out of the little curly cardboard end of the wrapping paper roll hence why they won't lay flat and you can hardly tell they are arrows. I made the 'flowers' out of some Georgette type fabric from my stash and the runner was painted with watercolours (I took it up to my sister's after and we used it in the pass the parcel for my nephew's 6th birthday).

So there you have it my first attempt, hold out for next week's which will be delayed as I am off visiting again tomorrow!

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