Thursday, January 5, 2012

from one holiday to the next

while shopping the other day we noticed that the supermarket had started making hot cross buns again.... yep they just keep pushing from one thing to the next, so I thought I might do the same....

i am going to attempt to embark on creating and shooting 3 Valentine's Day tables (I was just going to do 2 but then I asked Joel his opinion on them and he came up with his own other idea) as I am pretty bad, nay terrible at completing things I will do my best to not get sidetracked etc and to keep me on the straight and narrow I have given myself dates on which the tables MUST be blogged! as Valentine's falls on a Tuesday this year (in Australia) I will be posting them on the 3 Tuesday's beforehand i.e. the 24th Jan, 31st Jan and 7th Feb.

Feel free to scold me if they aren't.

They will be based on the following (in no particular order); arrows, hearts and Joel's idea

I am feeling pretty good about my 'arrow' concept table and have even done a mood board and drawing to plan it out - here's a bit of a peek

1. Tile Pendant Jewellery on Etsy 2. vol25 on Etsy 3. Sasha Prood via SeaSaw 4. Little House in the Suburbs
It's going to be dark and moody and fun to create - you also might notice that it doesn't look anything like a 'traditional' Valentines table might, I think that's going to be the best thing about it :) 

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