Monday, January 16, 2012

Party in a Box

Not really a New Year's resolution but more a thing that I want to do/follow through with this year is to try and make a big deal out of family birthdays.... as this little idea didn't pop in to my head until maybe a week ago unfortunately I have already missed a few so for you guys (you know who you are)....

Steph Loves Ben via Hip Hip Hooray

But I did start with my hilarious cousin who shall be known as 'the peanut-butter monster' on account of the awesome stories he used to tell us, he turned 40 and I made him a 'party in an envelope' complete with confetti etc. And as I had SO much fun making it (and I hope he had equal in opening it) I decided to take the idea a bit further after receiving a whole lot of empty Natio gift boxes.... so here goes

pity about that hideous power point in that last picture on my 'not New Year's resolutions list' is to become a better photographer... maybe also it should be to find a way to 'cover' power points. I also have been doing a little bit of paper flower making in attempt to find my favourite paper flower. The ones below come from Twigg Studios and Handmade by Sara Kim via Utterly Engaged, I ran out of glue half-way through the rose so it doesn't look as full as it should and the larger one I think would look better if you went from outside to in and using more 'petals' more tightly 'scrunched'.

The next one I would love to tackle has been making its way around Pinterest is this giant crepe paper rose featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Do you have a favourite paper flower tutorial you would love to share?

But today I have a list to follow and unfortunately that is not on it... soon my pretty

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