Thursday, January 26, 2012

black and beech

I am completely without motivation lately. No idea why. I should be applying for jobs. Lots of them. But I am wandering through our little home cleaning and doing random bits and pieces. And looking for bar stools. And other bits of furniture....yes I am anal I wrote a list about it.

and since I was on a roll I wrote another list....

Just in case you were wondering 'off-peak' is in reference to our internet :)

And I found some stools I like... problem is they are a little on the $$$ side

The Catenary Bar Stool from Token via Contemporist

Replica Jean Prouve Bar Stool from Life Interiors
I am also loving these interiors and think I might paint the top of my Ikea stool black too...

The lamp I mentioned in my list is fingers crossed going to be a little like this....

Better Living Through Design

Except a floor lamp instead... Joel said he hates it so we shall see.

I also entered this Modcloth-Pinterest contest, you can see my entry here

So until tomorrow ciao!!

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