Tuesday, January 10, 2012

breakfast in bed

I apologise for my sporadic posting of late... no excuses this is 2012 people!! so in effort to keep it up (even if I feel like I have nothing to say) I will share with you my thoughts on the next Valentines idea I have in mind.

lack colour
oh yes it is the lovely Marilyn again. Breakfast in bed surely that is what everybody wants this Valentines Day not roses, not chocolate, nor fancy dinners, lingerie etc etc (well unless of course these gifts come with breakfast and served in bed) I just want to be served my favourite meal of the day in bed without having to lift a finger.

and what might that be....

maybe these delicious looking chocolate croissants from Dishing the Divine
i personally LOVE the Donna Hay pancake recipe with a dash of vanilla but this one looks pretty rad too
or could this version of heart attack inducing eggs benedict be your heaven

I think even a simple slice of jam toast and mug of strong coffee would take the cake this year

what would be your ideal breakfast in bed? post a comment below

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