Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monday. Wedding Signs

There is something freeing about not blogging 5 days a week, I mean I really do love blogging but with the mountain of stuff on my plate it had started to become a chore, I now get excited again when I make something that I could blog about (rather than making something TO blog about).

I have been making another one of these signs whenever I have a spare 10 mins for my friends' upcoming wedding, we picked up a pallet off the side of the road a little while ago and pulled it apart for the wood. The font is called 'Silverfake' and I am planning on using it for all written aspects of their big day. Wondering how I did it? Using Publisher I printed a banner in the dimensions of the wood then used carbon paper to trace the outline and coloured it in with a black marker. Using the same font throughout really helps things tie in and it's a lot easier than it looks!

Her hen's party (Bachelorette) is on in another couple of weeks and I will have some pretty awesome things to show you then but for now just keeping them a surprise ;)

Until next time



  1. aaah I love those signs! and your new way of blogging is way better, much more relaxing for you I think :) its how I try to do it too!