Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashion Thursdays

When I was little my favourite tv show was 'The Elliot Sisters' (or The House of Elliot elsewhere) not a common show for small children to be interested in but I just LOVED the set design, fashion etc of the whole thing - I think I might have even taken to coveting a certain cloche style hat in our dress-up box. So when the ABC began running a new show called 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' set in 1920s Melbourne my mother thought rightly that I would be interested.

And in dedication to the show I have compiled an outfit that I guess....maybe...I could wear....if I was her....sidekick because lets face it Phryne is not really one for pastels she is bolder, braver and well brunette

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Polyvore

 What would you be wearing if you lived in 1928? Feel free to share below or head on over to my Facebook page here

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