Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday!

So on anything can happen Friday can you hazard a guess to the sort of thing that might happen? well you probably won't so I'll just tell you :)

Our truck is finally at the point where it can be registered!! That is the 4-wheel-drive that has been taking up a whole lot of space (literally and mentally) for the last 2 years is finally rearing to go and fingers crossed will be registered by the end of the day in which my honey husband will be taking me for a little drive 'just to see how it goes'.

It's pretty exciting, he's so talented :)

But back to other matters I shared my last DIY St Patrick's Day project earlier but if you haven't had the chance you can check back over the other posts and complete a card, cake, banner and hat as well as the pinata, they are all really EASY so you could totally pull off making all of them before tomorrow!!

In the meantime here are my final St Pat's shares

Engagement Session at an Irish castle shot by Kristen Booth and featured on Green Wedding Shoes, DIY Shamrock Wreath by Brittany of The House That Lars Built, Apple Green Dupioni Raw Silk Wrap from Etsy seller Bonzie and Shamrock Boutonniere on Martha Stewart


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