Monday, October 1, 2012

Taking a Break

Ok so last week when I said I was doing amazing at juggling my time..... I was wrong.

Yesterday was a long weekend here in Aust but when you begin doing weddings your Mondays quickly turn into your weekends anyway. I love weddings, I love how busy we are and I also love blogging but until I can sort them out together I think I will be blogging more sporadically and so I feel I should tell you this. All you who have been so loyal to me over the past few months THANK-YOU SO MUCH :) I really appreciate your kind comments and support from the bottom of my heart!!

Fingers crossed I can sort things out and perhaps still keep my weekly Friday feature ;)


  1. Good luck with everything :) and mostly have fun!


    1. Thanks Angie! :) I'm going to try and still do some posting fingers crossed :)