Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anything Can Happen Friday! Fillies and Foal

I think my favourite saying might be it never rains but it pours. Because that is my life at the moment and I am loving it!!! like really!! When I had nothing on my plate those around me would comment that I wouldn't be able to handle it when I started working again and to those I say ha hahh (as in 'I did it! yay for me') I am so far handling it extremely well. I waste very little time now and probably get more done now then before. Well excepting one little aspect which unfortunately is my blogging. Those who don't blog probably don't realise how much effort it actually involves especially blogging your own creative content 5 days a week. So this week I am grateful for the community I have developed around me those awesome people who helped me find this weeks lovely maker Fillies and Foal.

I think before I go any further I will need to clarify that I AM NOT PREGNANT and those who are childless can still look at kid's stuff, after all it is my adorable niece Lily's birthday in November.....and Elissa doesn't just do kids stuff!!  : P

But let's get the skinny from Elissa;

How did I come about the business of making?
 Making is me, it is part of my make up, inherited from my mother that is a creativity freak and genius. I started making, experimenting, creating with fabric when Mum & Dad gave me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift 2years ago. I started "making" with fabric then and I haven't stopped! If there was a Sewers Anonymous I would be a perfect candidate...I am an addict now.  

My biggest supporter? 
 My husband, Simon. His patience is tireless. He takes an interest (or pretends really well) in my newly purchased prints, my new creations and my crooked sewers neck! He is wonderful.

Where do I see my 'making' taking me (in an optimistic world)?
 My vision for my making is to remain unique in style. But in a business sense, big enough to see growth but small enough to still care about the finer details and building relationships with people that I encounter through what I do.  
Some days it is as simple as taking me to a happy place after a big day.

Where can we get your stuff?
 fillies&foal is available to purchase through facebook or by emailing me at

If you could be any animal in the world what would it be?
 Most would probably guess without even knowing me....a Horse.

Looking through these pictures just one thing strikes me, all Elissa's products are just simply pretty, I guess that is something that just comes from the joy and happiness Elissa gets out of making her products :) I love her comment that 'it takes her to a happy place after a big day' something that any maker can probably relate to.

Thanks to Elissa for being a part of my feature :)  

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