Sunday, October 21, 2012


On Saturday I had my winery tour cherry popped for a friend's hen's day. A whole group of us on a bus drinking champagne and listening to some awesome tunes. I helped out the MOH another friend make up some goodie bags for everyone and below are some pictures of just what they were :)

I found this great complimentary banner from How About Orange printed it half the size and stitched it all together on the sewing machine. A simple cute addition that didn't take long cost pretty much nothing and hopefully made someone's day :)

For the bride-to-be she got a bit of a different bag and I made a super simple sash for her to wear that was not the standard pink shiny affair


  1. This is SO pretty and creative! wow. I have to remember stuff like this I don't think I could come up with this! GREAT as always :D


    1. thanks so much Angie :) I made the sash on the spur and now it seems really popular so thats awesome