Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday. Liebster Blog Award

Do you remember me talking about that awesome blog Scandi Coast Home? Well Tania Maree was awesome enough to nominate me for the Liebster Blog Award.

What is the Liebster Blog Award? .... I tried Googling it but no luck, and it seems many others have no idea where it originated though Jo Savill got close

From Tania Maree's post the rules are as follows
I am going to view it as is an awesome way to give some recognition to your fellow bloggers as well as the opportunity to make some fellow blogging 'friends'


And the answers to the questions put forward by Tania Maree.....

1. Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?
I think I am a bit of both.... I can be super shy but then on the other hand I have no problem being in the spotlight

2. What is your favourite blog that you read every day?
I am already married but the blog that I look forward to reading every day is Green Wedding Shoes, Design*Sponge is a close second

3. Real Living or Home Beautiful Magazine?
Back when we still had a Borders I used to buy a physical copy of Home Beautiful, Habitus, Vogue Living or Belle every other month but now I get all my interiors inspiration online - Real Living seems to crop up a bit digitally

4. Describe your outfit for a night out with the girls.
Wow this one is tough, there used to be a time when all my clothes were party clothes now everything I own is kind of utilitarian, but what has and always will be in my wardrobe is a pair of black leather pumps (I usually plan my outfit around what shoes I am going to wear) if dreams were reality I would have a wardrobe that resembled my Pinterest 'Styling - Dames' board

5. What is your favourite online shop for clothes or homewares or both?
Do I have to choose??!! For clothes at the moment I am in LOVE with ASOS, super cheap, free postage and awesome clothes, for homewares West Elm is pretty hard to beat though the new Country Road offering looks pretty rad

6. What is your biggest decorating disaster?
I couldn't think of anything for this one so had to ask Joel, when we moved into our first house together we were broke. Flat broke. So when it came time for furniture shopping we did the dodgy and went around at council pick up to find some shelves. They were painted black and filthy so I bought a sample pot of fire engine red and went to work. Bad choice.

7. What is the room you most like to spend time in?
We live in the equivalent of a studio apartment so all ours rooms are one, I usually like to spend time in the cleanest part :) I am kind of anal when it comes to cleanliness and can't relax when dishes aren't done etc

8. Favourite Season - Summer or Winter?
I LOVE water so my favourite season would have to be summer, just have to get round to losing a bit of weight first :/

9. What is your favourite colour?
I think it's navy blue, it's the first colour that always comes to mind, my kitchen appliances are all navy blue and the only colours that come in my wardrobe are blue and red (yep just like the French flag)

10. Whose interior style do you most admire?
I think there are a lot of people with truly great interior style but the person whose style resonates the most with me is Jennifer Hagler of 'A Merry Mishap'

11. Post a pic of yourself with your questions. No sunnies allowed.
argh!!! not good with photos :/ but this one is from our photobooth at the markets

Now it's my turn :)

1. of course I would love for Tania Maree to have a go again but that would go against the spirit -
2. dammit Tania also got to Something Gorgeous before me
3. Linda of Pink Patent Mary Janes always has food to make me salivate
4. Siobhan of the Novocastrian Files is probably too cool for this kind of thing with way more followers...
5. as would be Shannon Morton of Oh How Very Lovely
6. Angie of Sunday Belle has probably done this a thousand times with more than 200 followers
7. I've always loved Jasmine's web design on Tinker Finca
8. Miranda of Howdy Stranger is also pretty handy with a mouse
9. garh this is hard!! a shout out to Justine of The Olive Tree Market Blog
10. fellow Emma of Emmy & Mouse and I have more in common than just a name
11. last but not least..... wow this is so hard!!! how about this if you have an amazing blog or know of one that I SHOULD be reading leave a comment below and you can be my 11 ;)

and now my questions are as follows!!!

 so have you entered my giveaway yet? don't be shy :) just follow this link and leave a comment on the post


  1. Great post Em......I love the photo.
    You look gorgeous!!!
    Tania xx

    1. lol thanks don't know about gorgeous I didn't get much sleep that week and forgot to put some mascara on those albino lashes of mine

  2. I love the red wine comment, haha!
    I actually have less than 50 followers :o don't know where you got that from! but you're right though, you are the third or fourth to give me this - thanks so much! I really need to get around to it, but I always wonder if people really want to read about me, so I haven't yet, haha.

    I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you before! you are so pretty :D


    1. :)
      no way! :o I thought for sure you did! lol you totally should do mine because my questions are awesome ;) who wouldn't want to know the answer to number 5.?

      gee thanks :) wasn't feeling so pretty that day :/

    2. I now realise there's actually a picture on the sidebar, haha!
      And that's so sweet, I'll take that as a compliment!

      And I will!

  3. It's always fun to read others facts and answers... this is all kind of like a chain reaction...spreading the love! :)
    cute blog ...I shall return.
    Bec x

    1. Thanks Bec!! I love how it helps people connect :) and small world I was just up at the sunshine coast visiting my grandparents!! weird