Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cinco de Mayo DIY no. 1

I mentioned on Saturday that if my organisational skills improved you would be seeing all things colourful on the blog this week and fingers crossed they have!

Tissue paper pom poms are HUGE at the moment (or for the last few years) I don't know where they began but my money is on Martha Stewart. I have made a few in my time some as simple flowers and others as decorations on gifts and just recently I helped make some for a local lady where my parents live for her shop window. If you haven't made them before they are INCREDIBLY simple and for Cinco de Mayo I simply used layers of different coloured tissue.

1. Gather different coloured tissue paper - I used 2 sheets of each colour (blue, red, yellow, orange and green) and cut along the folded lines (which happened to be rectangular)
2. Stack the sheets, the first one I made I stacked the colours together, the second one (pictured) I stacked the single sheets and then repeated
3. Make an accordion fold along the long side
4. Secure around the middle - I used floral wire but you can also use a paperclip, string or anything else you happen to have laying around
5. Spread out the folds as shown and very gently pull the layers of tissue paper apart
VOILA! You are done!

You can hang them with streamers bunched en masse like this or display in vase as flowers like this... variations and uses are endless... perhaps that is why they are so popular


  1. Hi! Found you over at Creature Comforts. Love these little DIYs! My husband is from Panama (Central America) so I love anything 'Spanish'!! These totally make me want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!! I'm following along now, so can't wait to see more from you :)

    Come visit me @ Tinker Finca

    PS. I'm from NSW too!

    1. Wow thank-you so much for commenting :) sometimes I feel so alone on here but I just try and keep at it because I love it so much! We are having a Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow so I will be sure to take lots of pics to post next week :)