Monday, February 6, 2012

One Week Till Valentine's!!

Alas no I do not have another table for you but I am working on both of them and will endeavor to post them before Valentine's Day itself!! I am oh so terrible but well I have been busy...busier.

Last week I spent a few days again up in the Blue Mountains a few hours from Sydney with my sisters (well 2 of them) we had a great time visiting the Norman Lindsey Gallery in Springwood and getting our nails done as well as taking the customary bushwalk.

If you have not yet been to the Norman Lindsey Gallery I strongly suggest it! It would even be an amazing place to get married (which I am told you are most welcome to do) the gardens like most historic houses up there are beautiful and dotted throughout are concrete sculptures made by Lindsey himself.

In case you were wondering that expanse of lawn that looks sunken is actually an old swimming pool that was built to the rear of the property - the steps lead right down into it. Imagine the stories that could be told about it!

As you aren't allowed to take photographs inside the gallery I can show you the gardens but not the house, but to some that is the best part. Lindsey was strongly influenced by mythology and his work is often quite erotic but he did also do some G-rated work including the Australian children's classic 'The Magic Pudding'.

A wedding there to me would probably look like some kind of Great Gatsby style lawn party or otherwise a bohemian festival with children everywhere and a bride with long flowing hair and a Grecian gown. Like the Everglades it is to me a place that I will never tire of visiting.

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