Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Table

While I endlessly crave the peanut butter cakes of last week, Joel has been craving something of the savoury kind and what I am about to show you is about as blokey as food can get.

The Battered Sav (or in this case Frankfurt) Hotdog

My god are they bad for you but by golly they are tasty. The humble battered sav goes by many names and some variations - corn dog, pluto pup etc etc the 'Sav' is short for Saveloy which is a sausage not unlike the Frankfurt which is battered and fried. These bad boys are usually served on a stick dripping with tomato sauce, mustard and what not, the pinnacle of all good circus/carnival food and a mainstay on all Australian fish and chip shop menus.

The boys came home one day and mentioned that we were going to master 'the sav' and so I set about finding the appropriate batter. My search took me to the site aptly named '' in which they have experimented with several batter recipes, thus the recipe I have provided below is a little bit of everything learnt and thrown together. It is in fact so good (and simple) that I have decided it will become my mainstay batter.

By the way Joel claims he is the creator of the 'Battered Sav Hotdog' despite my suggestions that someone surely has come up with it and insisted that I note his stake in it's creation know for future generations.

If you have any evidence out-dating his claim please share it with me by commenting below or head on over to my Facebook Page here.  

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