Wednesday, December 7, 2011

eggnog and chocolately goodness

so it's been a few days, we still are yet to have a phone line in our apartment, let alone the internet connected so I have been taking the short walk to the University City Campus to get my internet fix. Still applying for jobs and catching up on my social networking and blogs. But I have actually been productive of sorts....though we have not been doing a Christmas activity every day, however it looks like most of them will be able to be accomplished jointly.

This week I made some bread...

yep still addicted to my Instagram app...the bread was tasty as but I think it either took too long or too short a time to rise as it was a little yeasty (according to the recipe rising time has some part in this). Joel also made some coconut rough 'blobs'

they are tasty especially with the eggnog we made (number one on the list) to share with our lovely friends Yas and Scott

this morning Joel and I then shared in a decadent hot chocolate made with milk and an entire block of 70% dark chocolate... Joel said it was too sweet and seems to have decided to go on a health kick - not the easiest time of year to do so... but that ticks off number 11.

i am still trying to figure out what to do for my 'be selfless' activity but Jessica from The Wedding Designer shared this little gem, now it's just a matter of waiting for something close by to pop up :)

we are still not yet fully moved in with no lounge and no bed as yet but i hope everything will be clean, tidy, organised etc by Monday.... fingers crossed

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